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Water's Edge Wellness Center Integrative Medicine Langley WA

Direct Primary Care

What is Direct Primary Care and why are we choosing this model?

DPC allows for a direct relationship between patient and doctor by removing the insurance “middleman”.


Increased accessibility

Same or next day appointments with either Dr. Kovscek or Dr. Fox for urgent medical needs.  We also can take care or more immediate needs over the phone or HIPAA-compliant email.  Without insurance regulations, patient needs can be met over the phone or patient portal when appropriate.

More one-on-one time with the doctor

Longer appointments, 30-minutes with each patient.


Improved health and wellness
More time between patient and doctor leads to better health outcomes and disease prevention. Overtime this leads to improved quality of life and lower healthcare costs.
Each doctor will spend more time focused on your health rather than navigating your insurance plan.


More affordable care

  • DPC prices are in line, or below, what patients pay out of pocket when using insurance.

  • High deductible insurance plans are a great compliment to DPC, and result in overall lower annual costs.


Molly Fox and Annastasia Kovscek

The Primary Care practice is full. 

We are available for Women's Health Consultations, esp regarding Hashimoto's, Perimenopause, and weight loss.

Please call 360-221-1060 if you would like to consult with us*

*You should maintain your primary care provider elsewhere.

Monthly Membership Costs:

Age 8-19:   $80

Age 20-30: $105

Age 31-50: $125

Age 51-64: $145

Age 65+:    $165

Family Plan: $385/mo (for 2 adults and unlimited children in the same household)


$300 one-time enrollment/processing fee.


What Is Included:
  • Unlimited visits, in person or by phone

  • Annual preventative wellness visit

  • Discounted supplements for all member-patients who purchase through the dispensary online or at the center

  • Discounts on services from associated providers at Water's Edge

  • After-hour urgent care available by phone.

In other words, we contract directly with our patients for medical services—providing highly personalized primary care for one low monthly fee, with no deductible, no co-pays, and no insurance bureaucracy.


You’ll gain peace of mind with same-day or next day appointments, 30 to 60 minute visits, and unlimited access to your doctor. You also gain the option to see either our naturopathic doctor or family practice MD. What this means specifically is that we will not be billing your insurance for services provided at our center. Lab work and diagnostic testing however that we order will maintain the coverage as per your insurance plan.


Here are the basics:

  •  No extra cost for in-clinic procedures (see list below)

  •  Easy access to Dr. Kovscek (MD) or Dr. Fox (ND)

  •  Appointments same day or week if urgent medical concern

  •  Phone or email communication as appropriate


Water's Edge Wellness Center

DPC memberships pair well with high-deductible insurance plans, including Medicare. Most insurance plans will still cover the following services (** Note this is dependent on your individual plan):

  • Any labs, studies, or images ordered

  • Specialist medical care

  • ER visits and admissions to hospital if needed

Patients dealing with low income and/or no insurance may be able to obtain a scholarship and are encouraged to contact us for ideas about membership assistance.

Water's Edge Wellness Center
Soccer at the Beach
Specific in-office services included with membership:
  • Well visits for children and adolescents

  • Annual preventive & wellness care for adults

  • Pap smears

  • LGBT care

  • Nutrition and lifestyle counseling and guidance

  • Weight loss management

  • Thyroid treatment

  • Menopause treatment and support

  • Care for chronic conditions

  • Care for acute illnesses  

  • Referral to appropriate specialists when indicated and coordination of your care

  • Preconception counseling 

  • Mindfulness tools  


  • Basic in office gynecologic procedures

  • rapid strep test

  • urinalysis

  • urine pregnancy testing

  • screening for vaginal infections

  • Lab draws when appropriate

  • EKG  

  • Ear wax removal

  • Cryotherapy to remove simple skin lesions


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