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Water's Edge Wellness Center Integrative Medicine Langley WA

Annastasia Kovscek, MD

Annastasia Kovscek, MD is a board-certified Family Medicine Physician who has a passion for integrating personalized practical tools to support the body to help you heal or enhance your wellness.  Her patients range from newborns to 90+!  


Awarded during medical school for her commitment to bring humanism into medicine along with a wide range of work experiences providing medical care in large and small institutions, inpatient, ER, rehabilitation centers and urgent care, her love is really “being” in a space that focuses on health and education on wellness. What is most important to her is relating to her patients.  Each person and family have their individual needs that may be best met through a combination of pharmaceutical and nutritional or manual medicine techniques – or even better – none!  Empowering patients to understand their bodies’ needs and to find the best way to enhance their wellness as well as advocate for their well-being amidst a complex health care system is what she does best!

Dr. Kovscek’s philosophy: “You are the driver in your life. I am a guide sitting next to you to examine the map to wellness, educate you on your options, and help you decide which way, means, or treatment makes the most sense for you.”


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