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Water's Edge Wellness Center Integrative Medicine Langley WA

Whidbey Island's Home for Integrative Medicine


Our Providers

 Direct Primary Care 


Drs. Fox & Dr. Kovscek are primary care physicians at Water's Edge and serve Whidbey Island & the Puget Sound area. Please note, the Primary Care practice is full

We are available for Women's Health Consultations, especially Hashimoto's, Menopause & Perimenopause, Pre-diabetes, Nutrition and Weight loss support.  Please call 360-221-1060 if you would like to schedule a consult or for more information. 

**Please note you need to maintain your primary care provider elsewhere.

Water's Edge offers Direct Primary Care & Integrative Health modalities

  Drs. Kovscek and Fox are offering a new model of primary care that allows more access and availability to us, the providers, while providing personalized care for you and your family. It is called Direct Primary Care (or “DPC” for short). This is a model maintains a relationship-centered medical practice and simplifies the health care experience by eliminating the “middle man.” The basis is a low monthly fee for unlimited visits and discounts on all center-related services for which we will not bill insurance. This is especially effective care for care during a time of social distancing.

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